Beizhu plastic concrete formwork test details under different temperature

1220X2440X18mm plastic concrete formwork Unit weight of panels with 18 mm nominal thickness is calculated to be 10.4 kg/m2, specific weight of the panel material is calculated to be 1.627.

Using the method Differential Scanning Calorimetry, softening and melting temperatures of panel material are calculated to be 68°C and 170°C, respectively.

As expected, mechanical properties of plastic concrete formwork  are observed to be higher in longitudinal direction. For that reason, it is important to place the panel longitudinally between supports. However, in a condition where the girder spacing is 40 cm and concrete height is 30 cm, plastic concrete formwork have satisfied the deflection and yield strength conditions.

Characteristic values of elastic and strength properties obtained from tension and bending tests performed at an ambient temperature of 15°C and sample temperature of 40°C, have been calculated and presented as a chart. For the temperatures between 15°C and 40°C, values may be calculated by interpolation method. For temperatures outside of this interval, extrapolation should be avoided and you should apply for manufacturer’s approval.

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