Reuse 60 times high quality plastic plywood concrete shuttering panels

BZ plastic plywood concrete shuttering panels , the reusable formwork in PP for walls and slabs, is particulartly suitable to work with frams. Especially in the event of concrete deterioration and exposure of the reinforcements, as its elements can be easily installed around existing structures. BZ plastic plywood concrete shuttering panels also has a definite advantage over classic metal formwork in terms of size and weight.

It can be:

Quickly assembled
Practically moved on-site
Reused more than 100 times

Recently, a new customer successfully fixed our shuttering panels with their own frams ,to make their complete system more durable .And via this way ,they finally reduced their cost on the complete systems .As they said ,the new panles don’t need any other rlease agent ,this not only reduced much workload ,the most important is that they will never worry the rain ,they will never need to  brush the release agent again after using the new plastic plywood .

BEIZHU enabled a quick intervention. Weighing only 8kg, it can be moved quickly on site without the use of cranes or mechanical means and was a perfect alternative to automated climbing systems, which are more cumbersome and expensive.

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