Welcome to use plastic formwork–can reuse and recycle

Welcome to use plastic formwork–can reuse and recycle

Building, after almost human civilization appeared, already sprouting the original form of the building. Development of the building, witnessed the development of human civilization.
Traditional building Chinese wooden structure of the main, western-oriented places masonry. After entering the modern society, with the development of social productive forces, reinforced concrete gradually into the mainstream of modern architecture. However, in forming concrete pouring process, we had to use building templates.
Construction formwork and scaffold template is forming concrete pouring, according to the nature of the material can be divided into building templates, building wood sheet, film faced plywood, plywood, double-sided adhesive complex, double-sided film construction template.
Popular on the market in the past is basically wooden template, bamboo and other traditional template, using not only the low and high cost to the environment but also caused great impact!

Beizhu Group has long recognized the serious environmental problems, for commitment to human green living, improve the conditions of construction, materials, reducing construction costs, protect the environment from the source to reduce the amount of felled timber. After thousands of days and nights and finally developed a new type of hollow plastic alloy building templates, instead of high-cost high consumption and high pollution timber formwork to reduce the felling of trees fundamentally.

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