The characteristics of plastic lightweight concrete panels

The characteristics of plastic lightweight concrete panels

① similar to the secondary processing of wood: can be sawing, planing, drilling, can be nailed, can be sticky, can be screw fixed; grip nail strong (nail is not broken, not cracked, not fried).

② the overall high strength for lightweight concrete panels, good rigidity, high hardness, toughness, can be placed in the open (weatherability), no soft summer, winter without brittle (in -50 ℃ to 75 ℃ can be used normally).

③ strong anti-bacterial, anti-fog, anti-corrosion, moisture (especially for high-level, underground and wet environment), anti-termite, anti-moth, anti-rat bite, fire, anti-ultraviolet.

④ 12m height dropped the whole 3 square meters, weight 30kg of the plate, no damage after landing, no deformation.

⑤ support mold demolition, construction and handling safe and reliable, lightweight concrete panels, low labor intensity, saving labor, high construction efficiency. And wood (bamboo) plywood and other materials board and use, cost-effective, without maintenance costs, speed up the construction schedule, shorten the duration.

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