How to install a plastic formwork

How to install a plastic formwork

1, The  plastic formwork storage site to be flattened. When the plastic formwork  is flat, there is a wooden frame. Stand up, theplastic formwork touch the ground to pad wood side, in order to ensure that the template does not distort the deformation. Do not stack or distribute scattered templates and accessories on a set of plastic formwork .
2, The face has been installed after the completion of the wall, column formwork, are not allowed to suspend the other formwork when the collision is not allowed in the pre-assembled plastic formwork  in place as a temporary dependency to prevent the formwork deformation or vertical deviation. Workplaces have been installed after the completion of the plane formwork, not to do temporary stacking and operating platform to ensure the stability of the stent to prevent the planeplastic formwork  elevation and flat deviation.
3,The wall template removed when the first demolition of bracing,  with a crowbar gently pry the template, so that the plastic formwork  and concrete from, not too much force, especially the yin and yang angle and hole template. To avoid deformation of the template.
4, The floor formwork removed when the demolition of the horizontal tie rod, and then remove the pole. When the beam plastic formwork is removed, the side mold is removed and the bottom mold is removed. When the concrete is removed, the concrete strength can be damaged. The strength of the concrete must be met when the plastic formwork  is removed.
5, Square wood should be neatly stacked, according to the specifications of the code, the following pad on the old side of the wood, rainy day to cover with plastic sheeting. As the glue plastic formwork  damp expansion, so the stacking of the ground to dry, bedding side of the wood, when the rain, to cover in time to prevent damp.
6, Brushing release agent should be carried out in the wood workplace, is strictly prohibited after the installation of the plastic formwork  after brushing to prevent pollution of steel.
7, In order to ensure that the structural position of the cross-section accurate, beam body straight, before the mold should be in the concrete surface pop-up column, beam component edge control line, so when installed with a line installation, put support block.
8, In order to prevent the protective layer is too large or too small, should pad a good protective layer pad. In order to ensure the size of the structure of the object size, flatness to meet the requirements, after the plastic formwork  should be checked according to the check line.
9, Pouring should be someone before the plastic formwork , check the fastening of the fasteners and shear force, Yamagata card. At any time to find the problem at any time to solve the risk of danger.
10,plastic formwork   removed, immediately wrapped around the corner, and conservation.

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