choose which formwork ?

plywood, bamboo plywood , steel formwork, plastic construction  formwork, aluminum alloy building formwork, choose which one ?

The last century 50’s, China is in the use of plywood  80 years proposed to steel and wood. Steel formwork popular for some time after the 90s bamboo plywood template was born, made with bamboo on behalf of the wood. 

 Then, plastic replace wood. Replacement of all new formwork  with aluminum have been mentioned for a reason that is environmentally friendly. Steel formwork instead of plywood , but the quality of concrete molding is not better than wood template. Bamboo plywood to replace the wood template, is appropriate, because the bamboo grow faster than wood, bamboo plywood use times even more than the popularity of pistol drill today, bamboo plywood  need to drill, nail two processes, plywood  suddenly nailed down .
construction formwork is an important tool for the construction of concrete structures. In the cast-in-place concrete structure engineering, the construction formwork  engineering generally accounts for 20% to 30% of the construction cost of the concrete structure, accounting for 30% to 40% of the engineering labor fee, accounting for about 50% of the construction period. Template technology directly affects the quality of construction, cost and efficiency, so it is to promote China’s construction technology is an important part of the progress. The introduction of steel materials to the construction formwork , is a very great initiative, in line with “circular economy” and “green building” advanced productivity requirements.


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