Advantages of pp formwork panel:
1.Manytimes reuse
  Reuse 60-80 times ,6-8 times than plywood , totaly save cost more than 50%.
2.Leight weight
  Average weight 8.3kg/square meter ,make the work easily installation quickly ,save labor cost  and shorten the period of project .
3.High strength,hardness,impact resistance-small check design
  Small check design increase the srength , hardness and impact of resistance ,reduce the weight.Shore Hardness(HD) is 70 .Impact strength:Lateral pressure is 41.5KJ/m2 ,Vertical pressure is 85KJ/m2。</p>

4.Easy demould and the best effect of casting molding
  Smooth and clean surface make the demould easily .No need release agent ,only tapping then the formwork will fall off .And the effect of casting molding is very good .Also this finally shorten the period of project.
5.The best toughness
  Can be used to make other different shapes and size formworks.Bending strength:Lateral pressure 14Mpa , Vertical pressure 21Mpa .Bending modulus:Lateral pressure 782Mpa ,Vertical pressure 970Mpa.
6.Waterproof-hollow design 
   Hollow design make the formwork panel structural stability .Dimensional shrinkage under heat:lateral 0.15% Vertical 0.13% .Diffcult deformation, no mildew; Long-term immersion stratification in the water, no bubbles, sheet size stability, especially suitable for underground and damp environment.

7.Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance
  Very suitable for the engineering application in coastal areas, mine, as well as seawall. It is need not do any preservative treatment both in using and storing  the formwork panels, which do not pollute the concrete surface.

The  formwork panels are all made of plastic polypropylene, the concrete finish is extremely smooth and uniform and ensures an high quality final result.
The formwork panels are easy to handle as they are very light and can be moved by a single worker.

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