The main advantages of BEIZHU column forms are:
Low weight: the maximum weight per piece is 24 Kg. It can be easily handled in the construction site without the use of cranes or other mechanical lifting devices;
Strength: Beizhu forms resist to a fresh concrete pressure of up to 80kN/m²;
Simplicity: Beizhu formwork is so simple and intuitive to use that virtually no product-specific training is required before starting to work with it;
Easy removal: not requiring any releasing agents, it is sufficient to clean the elements with just water;
Durability: the useful lifetime is of at least 100 pours;
Fast installation: The time required to erect a column formwork can be as short as 15 minutes;
Easy storage: since polypropylene is a non-porous polymer, it is not affected by moisture or water.

Beizhu forms can thus be stored anywhere, not necessarily in a dry environment without fear of damage by rot or rust.

The cost benefits of these features are:
Low costs of amortization for casting (100 uses);
Low operating costs (no cranes needed, less labor);
Low maintenance (easy to clean and to store).

Compared to other materials,  polypropylene  Formwork is practical and allows real savings. In order allow every construction site to benefit from them, Beizhu created a wide range of products which satisfies any construction requirement:

This wide range makes it easy and fast to create structures of any size and shape and meet a wide range of requirements: walls, round and elliptic columns, square and rectangular pillars, and even an entire concrete house.

Kevin,31st March 2017


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