How to test the quality of plastic formworks?

Below are two easiest methods to test the quality of plastic formworks:

1.To test whether the formworks being out of shape and in a wave-like when laying in summer:

Put the sample in 70℃ hot water for 5 min, wrench the mold to check whether it would be softened. If so, the formwork is unvailable in summer.

2.To test whether the formwork would carck by pounding nails, break by removing in winter: put the sample in fridge of 10 degrees below zero temperature for 24 hours, then nail at 10mm away from the edge of the mold, to check whether the formwork cracks. If so, the formwork is not available in winter.

The above tests is just to test the basic performance of plastic formworks. If the plastic formwork in your hand can not meet above test requirements, we suggest not to buy it.

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