Construction Operation
  1. 1.When the hollow building template is used on the intersecting surface , its thickness should be 15mm , when used for transverse shear wall it should be 15-18 mm .
  2. The distance of woodbeams : (1) on the surface of the intersection wood square distance according to the thickness of the slab concrete, in general, if the thickness of slab concrete is less than 0.15 m ,the wood beams distance  should be 250 ~ 300 mm.(2) the distance between wood of  the shear wall is adjusted by the height and thickness of the wall, for example, the wall is 2800 mm high and  300 mm thick, wood square distance should be 100 ~ 200 mm using a 15mm thickness template, and be 150 ~ 250 mm with 15 mm thick planks of wood, if the shear wall, width of the pillar is thick more than 1 m, must add the fixed frame.
  3. Between templates is normally should no space, but if the temperature difference is 5 ~ 10 ℃, then should reserve 1 ~ 2 mm gap.
  4. There shouldn’t be gaps between the die shear wall and column puzzle, there must be wood square in internal Angle (the bottom of the wall) beam to insure the beam frame, wall and templates connect well. Shear wall formwork must be assembled into the whole piece before lifting, and then spread tablet, thus can reduce labor intensity, as well as improve the forming effect .
  5. When nailing the template, the distance between the template edge and nail should be 15 ~ 30 mm, the strength of driving nail should be moderate, length of nails should be 30 ~ 35 mm, not too long or too short.
  6. There must be a seam allowance for the wood in the beam bottom,make the wallboard stand on seam allowance of wood square, thus can ensure the leak leak not slurry and save wallboard material efficiently.


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