Comparison of metal formworks
  1. The price of metal formwork is much higher than plastic formworks.
  2. Because of the heavy weight of the metal formworks,the builder need to rent cranes and other equipment.The rent fee is also big cost.
  3. Because of the heavy weight of the metal formworks,the labor cost is higher,the speed of installation and speed of demoulding is slow.
  4. The metal formworks must be used in High – rise building, in order to reduce the use of costs.If the floor number of the building is less than 30,we do not suggest to choose metal formworks.
  5. Because of the re-usability,if use PP hollow plastic formwork to construct 30-storey high-rise,just need to purchase formworks for 2-3 storeys.
  6. When use aluminum alloy formworks,the structural drawings and construction drawings must be very accurate,and need to design the size of formworks in advance,otherwise the size of formworks can not suitable for the project.
  7. When using aluminum formwork ,size can not be modified,but plastic formwrk can be cut according to the requirements.
  8. One-time investment of metal formwork is high, very expensive.
  9. After using,the surface of concrete and aluminum had a chemical reaction, the concrete surface is smooth, but there will be some small bubbles.
  10. Because there is no corrosion resistance,so the aluminium formworks cannot be used on construction basement.


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