Comparison of different kinds of formworks
Performance BEIZHU PP Hollow plastic formwork Pvc formwork Plywood formworks traditional bamboo formworks
wear resistance Yes Yes No No
Corrosion resistance Yes Yes No No
Tenacity Big No No No
 Impact strength High Normal Poor Poor
Deformed After absorbing water No Yes Defromed Defromed
Flame-Resistance Yes No No No
Mold release agent    No need Need  Need  Need
Bend after used No Yes Yes Yes
Weight (kg/sq) 8 15 7.2 7.5
Recyclability Yes Yes No No
 Processability High Normal Hard Hard
 Eco-Friendly Yes Yes No No
Cost of Use Low High Higher Higher
Reusable Times 80-100 20~30 3~6 6~8
Speed Of Demold Fast (Due to light weight) Slow Slow Slow
10m Height Drop Test No Damage No Damage Damage Damage
Speed Of Installation Fast (Due to light weight) Slow Slow Slow
After Demolding, Needs Brush The Walls No Yes Yes Yes
Labor Costs Low High High High
Material Costs Low High High High
Average formwork Cost/   each time 0.3USD 0.65USD 0.7-1.9USD 0.7-1.9USD
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